23 Handbag Crazy-Mad

This collection is available in 4 formats VIP, HUS, PES et SHV for the designer 1, for 150 x360 hoop Husqvarna & 180 x 300 for Immovis.
adaptable to the 16x26 hoop Brother (on request).
This card makes it possible to make a handbag shoulder-strap in crazy patch, with glasses case and phone case assorted.
Include in the chart the alphabet "Rosebud" for personalized the sac.

Can these elements be bought individually (produced 23a- 23b- 23c)

23 Set Handbag Crazy-Mad

 version 1 : unbleached, more sophisticated, embroidered by"Myrtille" 
 version 2 : jeans, more rustic, embroidered by Madelon, panel back swivelled to 180 degrees. 
 phone case in crazy patch matched with the bag glasses case incrazy patch
matched with the bag 



Alphabet "Bouton de rose" to personalize the  Hand bag.


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Free "ribambelle" for decorated  the front with the bag

for downloaded to click on the image.

23a Handbag Crazy-Mad only


23b Glasses case + Phone case


23c Alphabet Rosebud only