20 Art Postal
This collection is available in 4 formats VIP, HUS, PES et SHV for the designer 1.
It is usable within the 15x24 cm Husqvarna Hoop and the 16x26 cm Brother Hoop.

this card allows manufactured Enveloppes embroidered according to the method of applied directly to backing.
Write the address with your software and embroider in 3 positions of framework: in front of, back and assembly.

Explanations of assembly is delivered with the chart.
For another format specified at the time of your order
  embroidered envelope 23 x 11 cm in front of and back


 Enveloppe 1 front & back



  Enveloppe 2 front & back 
  Enveloppe 3 front & back 
  Enveloppe 4 front & back
 cat's envelope realized by Pascale in the format envelope 23 cm X 11 cm


fichier d'assemblage

fichier d'assemblage

 fichier d'assemblage

corner rose & border rose free

click on the image for download


 lettre 13x11 cm devant & dos 

lettre 1



lettre 2



lettre 3



lettre 4

 pochette 14.5 x 18.5 devant & dos 

pochette 1 



pochette 2



pochette 3



pochette 4



pochette 5

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