09  Wing Needles's Flower 1

This collection is available in 4 formats VIP, HUS, PES et SHV for the designer 1.
it is usable within the 15x24 cm hoop HUSQVARNA and the 16x26 cm hoop BROTHER

the embroderies for collar "floral-col-03-04", "floral-col-06-20" et "floral-col-10-19"
is available only in HUS, VIP et SHV formats, (it is usable only with the 15x36 cm hoop HUSQVARNA)
However, all the elements used to make these compositions are included in the card,
it is consequently possible to embroider them in several hoop positions.

The fill colors of each embroidery can be make using a Flying needle to give a lighter aspect to the embroidery.
It can be embrodes in polychromic or monochromic version.

09 Wing Needles's Flower 1

détail  Wing Needles's Flower 1
























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