07 Scissors Cases  

This collection is available in 4 formats VIP, HUS, PES et SHV for the designer 1.
it is usable within the 15x24 cm hoop HUSQVARNA and the 16x26 cm hoop BROTHER.
The scissors case 260 is embroidered with the 15x36 HUSQVARNA hoop or the 16x26 cm hoop BROTHER
the scissors case 280 can be embroidered only with the 15x36 hoop HUSQVARNA

This card is used to make cases for scissors of 7 different sizes: scissors to be embroidered to cut's scissors.
The cases for scissors embroidering are provided with eyelet in order to wear them around the neck.
To download file pdf to have the explanations of assembly.

07 Scissors Cases

detail Scissor Cases

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